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5 Examples of Bridge Desolation Lately Reported

We often get news of infrastructural failures after the structural supports failed. Structural weakening can come about to any structures of varied sizes affecting their capability to carry load. Depending on the size of the structure or the causative agent, destruction caused can be catastrophic. An example of those structures include the bridges. Bridges can fail when hit by an earthquake of intensity higher than what was designed for. For Iceland, loads to be supported by a bridge need to be inclusive of ice loads lest a failure maybe witnessed when ice deposit surpass the strength of a bridge. It will demand the utility of those strong materials to put up capable bridges in those regions receiving strong destructive winds. There are extremities that should not be surpassed when loads to be supported is being considered. Bridge expansion and/or unexpected loads during repairs may result in unbalanced load which can be detrimental. So bridge design should be carried out by a pro or at least under supervision of practiced fellows. The magnitude of the load a bridge can carry is less considered by most bridge users. Very few will look at the details of load a bridge can carry, many just generalize which is risky. Cases of bridges collapsing are rare, but still some large bridges have been reported to fail. Here are some instances of the latest bridges failures that have been reported.

In 2017, The Central Italy Bridge went down. An original flypast was closed temporarily and the bridge was built to ease the transient traffic of that time. The collapse affected the road while causing death of two people. It was reported that the bridge was under construction when its structural supports failed. More on the bridges that failed while being constructed include the following. Another instance was The Bridge crossing over River Savala which caused death to a citizen in 2018. The load of some two trucks trying to cross over could not be sustained and the bridge was destroyed.

In 2018, The North Bengal Bridge of Siliguri was brought down. Carelessness of the bridge users in adhering to load requirements is what led to the plight. The truck driver which was got up with the incident failed to pay attention to load requirements according to the design. The truck load was too much for the bridge thence it collapsed. The driver was hurt, and that was few days after another collapse.

In 2018, there was also another bridge collapse in Genoa. The witnesses seemed to believe that the bridge fallout was due to a deluge from the sky where lightning struck the bridge severely. 37 deaths were reported after the bridge crashed on the streets.

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