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Major Benefits of IP PBX System to the Company

IP PBX is a telephone system that provides telephone call over the IP data network. The telephone connection is sent to the net using a data packets. The IP PBX acts as the central switching system for phone call within the business and as gatekeeper to the outside world. The IP PBX has features such as VoIP ready, voice messaging, mobility and conferencing.

When a company uses an IP PBX system, it will benefit a lot. The first benefit is the ease of management. The office telephone system is managed through the internet. On the web, it very easy to manage your system. The old phone system had a hard to use system that could only be handled by experts.

The system is cheap. It is affordable to buy and install an IP PBX because there are only a few numbers of equipment that is needed in the system. The system uses the internet to send information which has free support. It is, therefore, an advantage to the organization because it will save money. Office PBX Dubai sells most affordable office system in the country.

It is possible to send and receive multimedia content in IP PBX system. There is more than voice-to-voice connection that is provided by the IP telephone system. The IP telephone system is equipped to handle conference calls, video calls, and other meetings. Audios and videos can be easily streamed on the IP system. The POTS and legacy PBX box can’t handle the current needs of the organization.

There is a significant lowering of the costs of the organization. On the IP telephone is installed, the expenses of the organization reduce. The employees can do installation and maintenance of the IP telephone system in your organization or business associate in Dubai. IP PBX systems do not require possessive hardware. The Productivity of the organization will be boosted. There is coherent connections, the productivity of the employee improves.

Another advantage of adopting the new system is mobility and scalability. IP PBX is suitable if your enterprise consider remote office. You simply need to log in to your system’s web interface and add another line instead of buying new hardware. Without buying telephone hardware, your remote office can get telephone connections within seconds, With this office telephone system and organization can scale up and down its communications.

The B2B communication in an enterprise improves. B2B communication is vital to ensure that all the staffs are connected. An IP PBX aid the b2b communication in the business. Lastly, IP PBX encase the privacy of the organization. The IP telephone system encrypted the info of the organization thus protecting it from the competitors.

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